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Web analytics is the process of collection, storage, analysis, and report of the user’s web utilization. When anybody visits your website the software logs measurable information about the visitor and his source (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet).

Web analytics is a powerful tool for businesses, bloggers and brands. Through its use, you can come across a tremendous amount of data about your website. This data can be used to enhance your marketing and business development strategies.

Through web analytics, we use real-world data to confirm what all things work for your website and whatnot. Check for any abnormal results and identify where it can be improved. There are a few key parameters which we track to improve the overall health of a website.

1. Website traffic: It is a key indicator to know whether your website’s popularity is growing, stagnating or declining. You can know about the number of new visitors and repeat visitors on your website. If new visitors are visiting it shows that your site is discoverable. If repeat visitors are increasing thereby you are successful in building loyal followers.

2. Traffic source: It is an indicator of where exactly your traffic is coming from. Is it coming from organic search (via search engines), a referral from other websites, direct traffic by typing your domain, or from social media?

3. Conversion rate: The conversion rate is calculated by unique visitors divided by conversions. It indicates how well the traffic is encouraged to perform the desired action. If the conversion rate increases so do your profit. Higher the conversion rate better is your website doing conversely lower the conversion rate means you are attracting the wrong traffic. We continuously optimize the website for increasing conversions.

Apart from the above, there are other factors that we take into consideration like bounce rate, conversion of traffic by source, etc.

For one to one session on how your website is doing and the ways to improve it, you can contact us.

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