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A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes your product or services in the content of your website. They are like shortcuts that sum up the entire page. It forms a part of your web page’s metadata that helps search engines to match your page with an appropriate search query.

It contains three major steps that are discovery, ROI analysis, and competitive analysis. Discovery is finding as many keywords as possible which are related to your website. There are online tools that speed up the discovery process which help us to search related keywords and their popularity with reference to our client’s website.

A common keyword is more widely searched but it does not bring many conversions. So accurate and specific the keyword is as highest ROI will be. We are able to maintain that balance due to our experience. Performing competitive analysis helps us analyzing the strength of our client’s competitor. That is the number of relevant inbound links our client and his competitor receives.

There are premium and free tools; we employ the combination of both for finding organic and paid metrics for our client’s keywords, related keywords, and keyword difficulty. We also search for keywords that our client’s competitors are using for SEO and PPC. We use some famous tools that are Google Adwords keyword planner, Bing keyword research tools, and Google trends for keywords.

All popular search engines crawl sites and if the keywords of your webpage or landing page are accurate or the phrase matches, it ranks ups those sites when it shows its search result. We work on optimizing keywords for SEO and PPC which are an important factor for search engine optimization of the site.

We ask specifically what our clients want to achieve from their campaign. Is it phone calls, site visits, or sales? We use keyword tools to find the most relevant keywords that people type in search engines to find product, service, and company of our clients as it is the foundation of our campaign and research.

Our best keyword strategy is to rely on highly relevant keywords that relate closely to our clients business or is associated with the industry. We determine how competitive the keyword is and prefer less competitive and highly relevant keywords.

Keyword research is one of the most important, high return activity, and valuable in the digital marketing field. Choosing the right keywords can make or break your website and affect your page ranking. Contact us for keyword research of your website.

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