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SEO check or audit is a method for evaluating the search engine compatibility of your website on specified parameters. There are many software or websites for the website audit, you can hire our services to do the required work. It is our endeavor that our clients get more quality visitors on their website.

SEO Audit

There are many issues that may be holding your site back. We audit sites for their rankings, backlink profiles, existing content, etc. that is creating obstacles for your website.

We perform Free SEO Audit to weed out major and minor issues that create problems and hinder your ranking. The audit service is needed to diagnose the drawbacks of your website.

We see to it that only one version of your site is browsed able and all others are properly redirected to the canonical version. If the site is https it slightly boosts your ranking as it is more trusted because of SSL.

Site performance

We audit the site regarding crawling aspect. Is the website crawl running in the background and check external links on your website? We check if the site is being indexed in Google or not. If it is not indexed you will never get any ranking. It even shows how many web pages are indexed by Google of your website. If the site is not indexed you will not get organic traffic. An error in robots.txt can create many indexing issues, we perform robots.txt optimization. We fix issues for broken pages and optimize your site structure.

Constant changes in the algorithm

Things change very quickly in the SEO industry means if something is working well today may become obsolete six months from now. An SEO audit will help you to be in sync with the latest development.

We audit website on how fast the page opens and if needed improve upon it we suggest as well because slow speed can impact your conversions.

In case you need more information contact us for further discussion because we are Best SEO Company for Auditing and Monitoring Website Performance.

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