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In our free website analyzer, ERF Digital Solutions team lays special emphasis on performance, mobile friendliness, SEO and security of the website. We are one of the few sites which provide complete website analysis services in India.


We check the performance of your website on different parameters as it is essential for increasing traffic, generating leads, improving conversion rates and thereby increasing sales and revenue for thebusiness or website owner.

For optimal performance, webpage size should be small because it will load faster when anyone requests any information. ERF Digital Solutions team see to it that your website does not make more HTTP request which is done by combining files. Page speed is time taken by the page to load and open, higher the speed less time page takes to open. If the page is taking too much time to load people usually close your site. We see to it that your site does not take long enough to open because every second delay will drastically reduce page views.

Mobile friendliness

Nowadaysmore and more people are browsing sites through smartphones. The traffic from mobile is increasing and we see to it that your website is optimized for mobile or not. In a responsive website, the client has only one website and it is coded to adapt on all screen size, no matter on which device it is displayed. We check if your site has a responsive design, if yes you are ready to face the future more confidently as mobile internet usage is skyrocketing day by day. We configure viewport so that the font size of the text on your webpage automatically adjusts to the size of the screen. The mobile visitor does not have to pinch or zoom every now and then.

Search Engine Optimization

Did you check your website’s SEO recently? Search engine algorithms keep on changing frequently. We make sure your website is easy to discover for your potential customers by regularly incorporating the changed algorithm. We analyze your site to know if every page on your site has a specific purpose or not and the title of each page is unique across the entire site.

We analyze and let you know if your meta description is of perfect length. It should meet the search engines’ requirements, neither too lengthy nor too short. A meta description is a snippet of the information below the link of the search result which describes the contents of the page to the searcher. We report if your sitemap covers all the URLs that are present are included or not as it helps search engine web crawlers to understand how your website is built.


We report to you if your website is SSL certified or not. SSL certificates protect the website from outside attack. If your site is SSL certified, visitors to your site know that the site they are visiting is authentic and trustworthy. The data or information that the visitors center is safe on your website as it is encrypted end to end.

To know more about your website we conduct free site analysis for you based on parameters like performance, SEO, PPC, web design and development, affiliate management, social media optimization, and security.

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