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Pay PerClick (PPC) is an online marketing model whereby the advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks the ads. It is one of the methods of buying visits to your site. One of the trendiest forms of PPC is advertising on major search engines. Clicks on the advertisement are the way to measure the interest and attention of the viewer. PPC is used to estimate profitability and cost-effectiveness of digital marketing.

It is not possible for a non-professional to manage a PPC campaign. Many businesses have wasted a good amount of money and failed to attract customers. Non-professionally run campaigns can overbid or overpay for advertisements and they are unable to attract the target audience.

To complement your digital marketing, PPC has the power to deliver instant traffic but to do it a right way ERF Digital can help you.

We are preferred by businesses across different industries to manage their PPC campaign because we deliver a high return on investment through testing and targeting better keywords and constant monitoring. You may have a short term or long term goals, you may or may not have a sufficient budget, and our goal is to manage your PPC campaign so as to get the maximum return on your investment.

We work on major PPC channels like Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, and Bing Ads. Your monthly click charges which depending on the channels you select are billed directly by the concerned website.

We create accounts on all major PPC channels. We are familiar with the algorithm used by the search engine and maximize the returns for your PPC campaign accordingly. We optimize ads through text ads, image ads, interest-based ads, etc. We try to achieve interactions between organic and paid search results.

We help you manage advertisement campaign even if you are starting from scratch or want to overhaul your existing PPC campaign.

We perform a competitive analysis of keywords through our research and select the best keywords for your ads. Design the most suitable campaign structure with proper landing page selection.

For all your PPC needs contact us today to know how can you get the best exposure with the least amount of money.

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